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ONWA Australia has developed a range of products, tested right here in Australia to provide superior performance than our standard commercial range which is offered at premium prices. Ezy-trailer has a dedicated boat for training and product development here in Western Australia. Ezy-trailer and Sunnybay liaise directly with the factory for our exclusive Australian products. Our AU products could be considered as AMG is to Mercedes, HSV to Holden and FPV to Ford. 


We simply take the base model equipment and stack it full of performance, tested and proven in WA. And yes, we can still sell you the standard products at reduced prices, if you so desire. But do not expect the same performance as our high-end products give.

Nevertheless, You will not be able to buy these products anywhere on the planet, but from us. And of course you can see our testing on our simulators and where we test for your peace of mind. Our products are used in commercial fishing vessels in all states of Australia. And strangely enough, we are now becoming the choice of commercial skippers’ recreational vessels.


As we say customise Fishfinder software, that’s what we mean. Our products are optimised for performance. When we say high bright screens, they are exactly what they are, up to 1200Lumins. Anti-reflective glass, optimised transducer modules, optimised mainboards, and much more. 

ONWA Standard Version
Standard version is available
From AUD $500 / Per unit

Standard Onwa LED Screen

Standard Fish Finder mode

Standard aluminum cables 

Our Quality & Experience

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

We developed some of our products to be Australian user-friendly  


Getting Your Equipment With An Affordable Price

Screen with Anti-Reflective Glass Allows you to explore with the sunshine

Customise Fishfinder Software with Optomised Performance

High Brightness Display Up To 1200 Lumins

Are you a boating enthusiast and love leisure boating and fishing? You could be rewarded for your leisure by joining us and becoming a trained distributor of our ONWA products. You will be in total control of your business. You can turn your leisure, your sport or your hobby to a secondary or primary income. You can run your business from home and enjoy its rewards. You can be the centre of attention when you go boating. You can spend as much or as little time as to wish on your business. You may be a re-seller or a simple promoter. We have a tiered incentive program.

The choice is yours and no shop front required. Thus no stand-over landlords or high rents to deal with. Take full control over your income and expenditure. You may even be able to have tax deductions available for what you enjoy doing.


ONWA Proudly Produces



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