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Ezy-trailer Pty Ltd (Ezy-trailer) is proud to be contractually appointed by the manufacturing company ONWA Shanwei Express Communication & Navigation Company Ltd (ONWA Shanwei) and ONWA Marine Electronic (Hong Kong) as the exclusive importer/distributor of all ONWA products into Australia.

Sunnybay Marine Pty Ltd’s director Huisha Chen, being the daughter of one of the factory owners has been appointed by ONWA Shanwei and Ezy-trailer as the official factory representative here in Australia. This appointment gives Ezy-trailer a direct communication with the factory in Shanwei.



ONWA is a company that has been created by a partnership of 3 entrepreneurs – a marine electronic technician, a fisherman and an investment broker.

The company was borne out of a necessity to create a commercial grade product at a realistic price point, a product that is upgradeable, and provide simple efficient use interface.


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The company started in 1997 and has grown in size to cover more than 32 dealerships, employing hundreds of people, with a factory based in China, software technicians in oversea. The manufacturing plant is located in ShanWei City, Guangdong, China. The company’s policy is to engage with customers directly, take feedback and improve its products. The ONWA Company designs and manufactures marine electronic equipment and specializes in navigational and communications equipment under the ONWA brand. The company has grown over the years with quality products that are accepted worldwide and a dedicated distribution network, of which Australia is proud to be one of its channels.

The knowledge base and know how to develop ONWA products has been gained and improved by being original equipment manufactured for major marine retailers. Whilst this supports a large proportion of the company’s manufacturing, the goal of the company is to wholly and solely focus on its own product brand ONWA.

The Difference 

ONWA Australia’s marketing model is to sell directly to the public through our trained dealers. Our products cannot be purchased over the counter from boat or chandlery shops. We require our dealers to be experienced boaters and not mere sales assistants, like in some department stores or some web-based sales who do not care. Our dealers can provide the end user with advice on installation, compatibility, software updating and much more.

The company is large enough to supply with the products its own global mapping system free of charge. ONWA’s KChart mapping has higher base level mapping than the majority of other manufacturers and is sufficient to sail the globe with. You will not really need to spend absorbent mapping fees to enjoy our product. The mapping can be downloaded from the company’s website for personal use only and is only compatible with our ONWA products. This is a huge advantage for our customers.

ONWA prides itself in longevity of its products to maximize your investment. ONWA products have been known to last up to 15 years if looked after. We continuously upgrade the software with new features, so a customer’s equipment remains up to date without it being made obsolete.

ONWA Australia has been participating in the development of these products for the last 4 years and you as a customer will have the opportunity to submit constructive feedback to ONWA Australia and this feedback will be welcomed by the parent company.

It is important to note that ONWA has a variety of equipment; most of it was originally made for the commercial fishing vessels. For example, the radars manufactured by ONWA are used in the busiest waterways in the world.

The AIS is capable of using for drift fishing and also for other commercial uses.

The autopilots have been installed in commercial fishing vessels all over the world.

The VHF radios are fully featured as leading brands without the price tags.

The products come with factory backed warranty.

The ONWA products range covers more than 80 items sold in the global market and over 40 different products are available in Australia.


ONWA Marine Electronics continues to make its way to make a mark in the Global Marine Industry. One of the brand’s achievements is the continuous growth and bigger market share in the Yangtze River Gorges Dam.

The Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydro-power project and most notorious dam. The Three Gorges dam is a massive project and has been benefiting the Chinese society in the aspects of flood prevention, power generation, river transportation and water resource utilization as per the Chinese government. Through the Three Gorges Project, China has acquired the know-how to build large hydro-power schemes, and has begun exporting similar projects around the world.

The Dam is a new passage for shipping and allows transportation costs to be cut between 30 and 37%. With this, as the added number of ships navigate through this dam, more Ships are trusting the ONWA brand with the increased number of Marine Radar installations to ships passing in this dam to serve them in assisting their navigation.

If you are in need of Marine Radar for your voyage and are looking for affordable options with guaranteed quality, please feel free to contact us. 


Our products proudly applied on both of commercial fishery boats and recreational boats. 

We Are Proudly Authorised To Sell Both Onwa Standard version and Exclusive AU Customised version